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The ECA Academy is the ECA Foundation’s educational organisation. It has been organising and conducting trainings (educations courses, conferences and webinars) in the GMP and regulatory compliance environment since the ECA was founded in 1999. With close to 3,600 members from more than 60 countries, ECA has become the leading European association with regard to pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and GMP compliance. The independent organisation is chaired by a Scientific Advisory Board with members of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities. By their voluntary work, the board members support ECA in fulfilling its mission to impart most relevant knowledge on the interpretation and implementation of GMP and regulatory requirements.



Concept Heidelberg is Europe’s leading advanced training and information services provider in the area of pharmaceutical quality assurance and drug safety. It is the ECA’s exclusive partner and has been entrusted with managing the complete process. This goes from marketing to the organisation and the registration of all ECA events. Concept Heidelberg is also working for many other not for profit organisations (e.g. Universities and Industry Associations) that do not have own resources for conference management.


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